Fields of operation Fratelli Bertoni. Marina Militare (Italian Navy), Nuovo Pignone, Fincantieri and Oto Melara. Reactor’s skirts, turbine, baseplates ...Over the years Fratelli Bertoni has performed maintenance works and repairs on engines of MAESTRALE Class Frigates of the Marina Militare (Italian Navy), and has realized projects on pressure vessels and boilers.
On behalf of Nuovo Pignone located in Massa, the company has manufactured reactor’s skirts, drain pipes for turbine PGT25 and BCL baseplates.
It has also supplied Nuovo Pignone in Florence with turbine rotor units and Nuovo Pignone in Bari with pump columns and frameworks.
Fin stabilizers of cruise ships, tunnel thrusters and turbine casings have been realized for Fincantieri. Rudder roll hull block and rudders for ship Fremm Class.
By Oto Melara, Fratelli Bertoni has been committed to do works in steel and ballistic aluminium both for Navy and Military armament.